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As the weather warms up across most of the country homeowners venture outside and realize their homes need work. This article is for all our clients and friends in the home services industry. Please be careful when working on ladders!

In the last fiscal year OSHA reports there were 2,625 citations written concerning ladders. The leading cause of deaths in construction is a fall. However, the design of the basic ladder has not changed very much in hundreds of years! Yes, today we have wood, aluminum and fiberglass
constructed ladders and multi-position ladders such as the “Little Giant” brand. The basic construction and use of a ladder has not changed though. OSHA has mandated employee training, had manufactures place safety stickers on the ladders and requires documented inspections on ladders. Yet, every year companies receive OSHA citations concerning use of ladders and employees are injured and killed using ladders. Here are some statistics on ladder injuries and the 4 most common ladder accidents;

Ladder Injury Statistic

  • According the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 50% of all ladder-related accidents were due to individuals carrying items as they climbed
  • Over the last 10 years the amount of ladder-related injuries has increased 50%
  • OSHA believes 100% of all ladder accidents could be prevented if proper attention to equipment and climber training were provided
  • These deaths account for 15% of all occupational deaths
  • Elevated falls account for almost 700 occupational deaths annually
  • More than 90,000 people receive emergency room treatment from ladder-related injuries every year
  • The most common type of ladder-related injury, with 32%, is fractures

4 Main Types of Ladder Accidents

  1. Selecting the Wrong Type of Ladder
  2. Using Worn or Damaged Ladders
  3. Incorrect Use of Ladders
  4. Incorrect Placement of Ladders

For detailed ladder safety requirements go to 29 CFR 1926.1053.

Safe T Professionals is a successful Environmental, Safety and Health staffing augmentation firm with services available worldwide. Our skilled professionals are experienced in the areas of safety management, and safety-related engineering. All Safe T Professionals associated are thoroughly trained, highly experienced, and dedicated to success through adherence to OSHA standards, and state/local laws.

What Makes Safe T Professionals Different?

Safe T Professionals has proven past performance of successfully supporting fortune 100 companies in new construction, manufacturing and the Federal Government (Departments of Energy, Defense, and others) with trained and certified safety staff augmentation services and consulting needed in the execution of those company’s’ safety missions.

With our in-house Environment, Safety and Health divisions, we take responsibility for ensuring a safe work environment including: sign off and management for work planning and control; confined space; hot work; excavation; electrical safety; fall protection; cranes, ladder safety; PPE; lead and asbestos.

  • Provide long-term and short-term support staff for government, construction, and manufacturing projects
  • Serve clients nationally and internationally
  • Place ESH professionals with advanced certifications, experience, and education (MS, OSHA500, ASP/CSP)
  • Competitive all-inclusive pricing
  • Fully insured with excess of $5M and $5M E&O
  • Assist in OSHA voluntary protection program (VPP) designation and ISO 14001/45001 certfication
  • Conduct field audits and participate in incident investigations and root cause analysis
  • Offer in-person and online safety training

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