How Building Momentum is Developing Tech Solutions for Combatting Coronavirus

Building Momentum

The rapid spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) serves as a reminder to us all of the power of infectious diseases. While the number of cases has grown considerably since the virus’s discovery at the end of last year, so has awareness and public response. Technology and innovation has enabled health officials to spread information much faster than ever possible before. As a result, more people are staying inside and practicing social distancing, reducing the number of people infected and slowing the spread of disease.

At Building Momentum, we’re committed to helping the public stay safe and protected. We are currently working on developing several technology solutions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

UV-C Disinfecting Robot

One of our most recent innovations, our line-following robot uses UV-C light to disinfect all surfaces within a space. The robot runs slowly, allowing the light to hit all vertical surfaces. This light uses enough wattage to kill all bacteria and viruses in its path.

The robot utilizes line-following technology. It uses simple sensors to analyze the difference in light reflection to determine whether a surface is light or dark. It can follow any path pre-determined by the user.

Building Momentum built our UV-C Disinfecting Robot in five days as a proof of concept. We wanted to prove that the robot could safely and efficiently clean and disinfect a room. We believe this invention will provide significant benefits to hospitals, medical centers, restaurants, campuses, and other spaces where large groups of people gather.

How It Works

Viruses reproduce by attaching to cells and replicating their DNA. Once this occurs, the virus causes infectious disease. During an active infection, the human body can carry several million viruses in every milliliter of blood. When an infected person coughs or sneezes, the virus enters the environment and settles on almost any surface. Although the length of time each type of virus can survive varies, it typically doesn’t take long for another host to touch the infected surface and start the whole process again.

UV-C light “breaks” the DNA of the virus, stopping it from self-replicating. This essentially kills the virus and stops the spread of disease.

While UV-C light acts as a powerful cleaning agent, this isn’t the type of thing you’d want to clean your hands with. UV-C light is also produced with welding and users should take care to use proper safety equipment and cover all exposed skin during use. The UV-C Disinfecting Robot runs on four car batteries, making battery replacement both convenient and affordable.

Turning Goals Into Reality

Building Momentum strives to teach people how to use technology to solve everyday problems. Our team of highly trained professionals has the tools and experience needed to develop a wide range of technology solutions. In addition to our UV-C Light Disinfecting Robot, Building Momentum has also developed a UV-C Sanitizing Grill and face masks using a vacuum forming process. More information about these projects can be found on our YouTube channel located at

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