IOT and the Aerospace and Automotive Industries

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Many consider The Internet of Things (IoT) to be the most important technological advancement of the century thus far. Our everyday objects and the latest inventions are able to connect to the internet, as well as to one another, creating a world where maximum efficiency and quick communication are not only possible, but the new standard.

IoT continues to be a disrupter across almost every single industry, and the world of aerospace and defense is no exception. Vast amounts of data are processed and collected from each and every flight—both private and commercial—making the automation and streamlining of flight data not just a luxury, but a crucial piece to safe and efficient air travel.

The Case for Automation

When it comes to aerospace, automation can improve safety, efficiency, maintenance and reduce total ground time. With the ability to quickly collect data and communicate it to the people and machines that make decisions, the aerospace industry has transformed into the most efficient and safe mode of transportation in the 21st century.

Many of these advancements can be attributed to artificial intelligence (AI). It has made flying more economical by forecasting engine demands, ultimately reducing fuel usage, emissions and even noise pollution. This technology is possible through the use of sensors, which capture information in real time and provide feedback to both AI integrations and humans. Unlike the human mind, AI can make extremely quick, accurate decisions about operations based on live performance data, effecting safety and efficiency. Even in the case of unplanned events, AI can make problem-solving decisions regarding mechanics in less than a second.

Sensors can detect any potential issues in an aircraft, and immediately report it to the people who need to know. This information also allows ground crews to spend less time finding and fixing issues, reducing ground time and ultimately saving both time and money.

IoT and AI technology are also becoming more accessible to those in the aerospace industry. The cost of implementation isn’t as high as one may think—with advancements in IoT across many different industries, the cost to manufacture it has decreased, making it a simple decision for aerospace companies to invest. The aerospace and defense industry spends tens of billions of dollars investing in IoT and AI technology each year because of their invaluable benefits, and it’s expected that that number will quickly increase.

Similarly, in the automotive industry, IOT has played an increasingly important role in the vehicles we build today—both commercial and industrial. IOT has connected the cars we drive to the tune of about 250 million vehicles the end of 2020 according to Gartner. Driver response time has increased with speed and the amount of information that our connected vehicles can process to predict danger and prevent accidents.

In the industrial vehicle segment, fleet management is invaluable with the adoption of IOT. Reporting and monitoring of mileage, fuel efficiency/consumption, route management and real-time vehicle tracking enables fleet owners to implement changes to overcome challenges with managing fleets.

Enter 5G

5G will alter the way aerospace and automotive industries manufacture products as the number of connected devices and sensors continue to increase on each vehicle/aircraft. The real-time intelligence that these devices provide will allow manufacturers to analyze device performance and its relative product lifecycle to allow for a continuous design process and streamlined supply chain that will improve efficiency and operations.

The intelligence that connected devices in both the aerospace and automotive industries will provide, should ultimately provide an improved and safer operating experience, as well as provide a more meaningful maintenance and repair window and lastly, a more cost-effective manufacturing process and simplified supply chain.

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